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 (ē-zhĕfsk′, ē-zhĭfsk′)
A city of west-central Russia northeast of Kazan. Its ironworks date to 1760.


(Russian iˈʒɛfsk)
(Placename) an industrial city in central Russia, capital of the Udmurt Republic. Pop: 632 000 (2005 est)



the capital of the Udmurt Autonomous Republic, in the Russian Federation in Europe, NE of Kazan. 635,000.
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The exhibition, organized by Russian scientists Vladimir and Olga Fomichev, presents works by schoolchildren aged from eleven to 18 years old from eleven cities of Russia, including from Moscow, Bratsk, Vologda, Lyubertsy, Izhevsk, Simferopol, Yalta, Norilsk, Chelyabinsk, Taganrog and Kostroma.
The bulk were built in Russian/Soviet manufacturing plants, including Tula Arsenal, Izhevsk Arsenal, and Sestroryetsk Arsenal.
Summary: Izhevsk [Russia], November 10 (ANI): At least four people were killed after a corner section of a nine-storey residential building collapsed in Russia's Izhevsk city.
Kalashnikov died in 2013 aged 94 in the city of Izhevsk where he lived.
In Izhevsk (population 650,000), a city in European Russia (Republic of Udmurtia), we identified 95 human cases of B.
Alina Yakimkina, a sports academy student from the central Russian city of Izhevsk, collapsed and died Saturday during the final cross-country skiing stage of a women's 15-kilometer race.
The bear finally awoke, though, in September 2013 with the merger of lzhevsk Machinebuilding Plant (Izhmash) and Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (Izhmekh).
Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University, Studencheskaya St.
Mikhail Kalashnikov, in his 20s when he created the gun after the Second World War, passed away in his home city of Izhevsk, near the Ural Mountains, where his gun is still made.
Kalashikov had been recently admitted to an intensive care unit at a hospital in Udmurtia's regional capital, Izhevsk, while "in serious but stable condition," according to the local branch of Russia's Health Ministry.
While his final months were spent in Izhevsk, the 19th-largest city in Russia, his name is famous far beyond the peaks of the Western Urals.
The new Izhevsk branch premises have been designed fully in accord with the standards set by Uniastrum flagship offices opened since 2010: the office has separate services areas for retail and business customers, a spacious lobby, two teller stations, a conference room, and 24-hour ATM and cash deposit facilities.