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(Placename) a town in NW Turkey, on the Gulf of Izmit. Pop: 306 000 (2005 est)



a seaport in NW Turkey, on the Sea of Marmara. 275,800.
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Situated in Odessa, this new base is part of the company s drive to expand its presence across the Black Sea region alongside its existing Turkish offices in Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin and Izmit.
Astaldi is involved in Turkey through projects such as the Third Bosphorus Bridge (the longest and widest suspension bridge in the world), and the Gebzi-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway, including Izmit Bay Bridge (the 4 th widest suspension bridge in the world).
He described Izmit as a "launch pad" for the fighters to get neared to the conflict zones in Syria and Iraq.
The closing follows the recent ownership transfer of other steel cord plants in Figline (Italy), Slatina (Romania), Sumare (Brazil) and Izmit (Turkey).
Izmit's new diesel unit to start LONDON: A diesel-producing upgrade at Turkey's Izmit refinery will now start production at the end of the first quarter, a company spokesman said, leaving the country heavily reliant on imports.
During his visit Gruevski will visit Istanbul, Izmit, Eskisehir, Mersin and Adana.
The US$1 billion privately financed bridge, designed by Danish engineering design firm COWI A/S and architecture firm Dissing+Weitling,will connect the northeastern and southeastern coast of the Izmit Bay, significantly reducing regional travel time.
Over the past two days, Prime Minister Gruevski took part in the business forums in Eskisehir, the Kocaeli industrial zone and Izmit at which the incentives that Macedonia offers to foreign investors for doing business and creating new jobs were presented before managers of Turkish companies.
Ziyadin Cakir, a geologist at Istanbul Technical University, and his colleagues combined satellite measurements of how the ground has shifted with field observations to show what the Izmit part of the fault has been doing.
Recently, Pirelli established Formula One sports tyres manufacturing unit in Izmit in Turkey.
The sanitation project is part of reconstructing areas hardly-hit by the 1999 earthquakes; in Izmit, northwestern Turkey in August and the Bolu earthquake in November.
It has planned to have a new 120,000 b/d refinery built next to its existing plant at Izmit, near the Istanbul region.