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Noun1.I. F. Stone - United States journalist who advocated liberal causes (1907-1989)
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It makes it a little less fun, but I'd say it's still, to end with Izzy Stone, probably the most fun kind of life you could have.
Izzy Stone, the liberal muckraker, to try to get the Post-Dispatch a copy of the Pentagon Papers.
Izzy Stone once claimed that he was an anachronism and that his self governing approach saw him as an independent capitalist, an owner of his own enterprise and "subject to neither mortgager or broker factor or patron." I.F Stone would be proud of the blog and the capacity to dig out more of the truth as opposed to a medium that in his opinion does not distill enough meaning and even beauty from the swiftly flowing debris of information.
As Izzy Stone once said about a government office that became a great source for him, "They hadn't seen a reporter since Noah hit Mt.
King, he noted recently, combined with the general ferment in American society, "made it impossible for me to remain a neutral observer." From 1968 until his retirement a few weeks ago, Roldo was the conscience of Cleveland journalism, the closest thing the city had to a Lincoln Steffens or an Izzy Stone. A butcher's son, he began his journalistic career in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where, inspired by Michael Harrington's book The Other America, he took a firsthand look at slum housing conditions and discovered that many residents were forced to use space heaters because their apartments were always cold.
When I first started, Izzy Stone, and another mentor, Murray Kempton, advised me not to waste much, if any time, on press conferences.
Did Senator Edwards know that Izzy Stone was a lifelong Soviet apologist?
The son of a successful dry goods merchant, Izzy Stone published his first newspaper at age 14 and served on the executive committee of New Jersey's Socialist Party before he was old enough to vote.
The contemporary Leftists have so few heroes that they have to elevate Izzy Stone to a pinnacle he never attained in real life.