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intr.v. jay·walked, jay·walk·ing, jay·walks
To walk across a street in violation of traffic law, especially by crossing outside of a marked pedestrian crosswalk at an intersection.

[From jay, inexperienced person.]

jay′walk′er n.
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المَشْي المُخالِف لِحَرَكَة المُرور
nekázeň chodců
szabálytalan átkelés
kæruleysi gangandi vegfarenda
nedisciplinovanosť chodcov
dikkatsiz yürüme


[ˈdʒeɪˌwɔːkɪŋ] Nimprudencia f al cruzar la calle
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(ˈdʒeiwoːkə) noun
a person who walks carelessly among traffic. She never looks to see if there's a car coming before she crosses the road – she's a jaywalker.
ˈjaywalking noun
The police were concerned about the number of accidents involving jaywalking.
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Looking at it from a public legal perspective, J-walking or speeding in your car would now be a felony.
One agent tied the IIABNY CIBGNY lawsuit approach favorably to a strong physical symbol of manhood; one agent from Manhattan argued that the PIA approach would wisely soften the rule so much as to make it the same as rarely enforced J-walking and thus not worth calling attention to it.
In another step to curtail the high level of road accidents and deaths on the island, the traffic police chief has proposed increasing the fine for pedestrians who cross the road without using a pedestrian crossing when one is available, referred to as "J-walking" on the other side of the Atlantic.