J. Edgar Hoover

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Noun1.J. Edgar Hoover - United States lawyer who was director of the FBI for 48 years (1895-1972)
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Nearly a decade after the Federal Bureau of Investigation officials began pushing for a home to replace its deteriorating headquarters - J.
Five parts are: Thesis One: the birth of the bureau, coupled with the birth of J.
Though sensitive to the role of technological innovations and what he calls "great sociocultural shifts," Charles places more emphasis on FBI Director J.
In an effort to prove he was under Communist influence, FBI Director J.
His career is traced through a series of meetings with Peter Vasco, posing as a Catholic priest, who is placed in a position of intimacy with Capone after his release from prison for tax evasion by J.
Charles is a scrupulous scholar; his earlier work is J.
Edgar, the story of the first director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, J.
2011) expone la vida del temido jefe del FBI cuyo dominio prevalecio por casi medio siglo, desde 1924 hasta su muerte en 1972; el senor J.
1/2 - Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be on a roll with biopics, having portrayed Howard Hughes, J.
In 1993, Anthony Summers published a tawdry expose titled "Official and Confidential, the Secret Life of J.
On the wall of our basement rec room, I remember seeing a photograph of my dad and J.