J. M. Synge

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Noun1.J. M. Synge - Irish poet and playwright whose plays are based on rural Irish life (1871-1909)
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GIULIA BRUNA'S J. M. Synge and Travel Writing of the Irish Revival is another number in James MacKillop's Irish Studies Series for Syracuse University Press, which has significantly claimed attention to major, yet in some way marginalized subjects, like Erin's Jews and Erin's women dramatists.
The 1986 publication of J. M. Synge: Dramak (Plays) containing Ungvari's revised Playboy and Arpad Goncz's translations of Riders to the Sea as Szirti lovasok (Riders on the Rock), The Well of the Saints as A Szentek kutja, The Shadow of the Glen as A volgy arnyeka, The Tinker's Wedding as A kolompar lakodalma and Deirdre of the Sorrows as Deirdre, a banat leanya (Deirdre, Daughter of Sorrow) was a milestone in the Hungarian story of Synge.
J. M. Synge went westward in search of an elemental life and was greatly admired by Yeats for doing so.