John Kenneth Galbraith

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Noun1.John Kenneth Galbraith - United States economist (born in Canada) who served as ambassador to India (born in 1908)
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J.K. Galbraith was a prominent figure in political economy for more than half a century--from the 1950's to his death in 2006.
By the end of the year, cargo vessels were being launched every twentyfour hours, and, as a slightly extravagant demonstration, the Kaiser ship building yards in California built and launched an entire ship in just one day" (P/134, The World Economy since the Wars by J.K. Galbraith).
While it was his son (Charles Walter, 1880-1956) who established the principal cooperative organisations in Western Australia, Charles senior prepared the ground for the development of agricultural cooperation via his work in popularising the concept, implementing experiments in cooperative activities and influencing the development of government infrastructure and policy aimed at encouraging what J.K. Galbraith would later call the development of countervailing power.
In 1958, when J.K. Galbraith wrote about "the affluent society," he was mainly talking about the American middle classes with their cars, washing machines, maybe even TVs.
The phrase 'public culture' is similar to J.K. Galbraith's 'conventional wisdom', except that Rosefielde and Mills' term applies to the public at large rather than being primarily exhibited by the intellectuals and academics.
We learn and teach in business schools that the consumer is king and therefore business energy and efforts should be directed toward satisfying his needs and wants, as the late J.K. Galbraith said few decades ago.