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Noun1.J.R.R. Tolkien - British philologist and writer of fantasies (born in South Africa) (1892-1973)J.R.R. Tolkien - British philologist and writer of fantasies (born in South Africa) (1892-1973)
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Summary: New Delhi [India], August 31 (ANI): Lily Collins is in negotiations to join Nicholas Hoult in Chernin Entertainment and Fox Searchlight's J.
Fans now have something new to read: "Beren and LE[bar]thien," which J.
Janet Brennan Croft takes up the motif of "War" in the works of J.
I think that will be all for this month, perhaps next month I will post one of my papers where I make extensive use of the powerful tool as I continue my J.
If you're film director Peter Jackson, you get more than a dozen Academy Awards for ``The Lord of the Rings'' trilogy based on the works of British author J.
Peter Jackson, whose own movie version of the first book in the fantasy trilogy - The Fellowship of the Ring - won four Oscars this week, said the Beatles legend's effort failed when author J.
Baggins, Bilbo and Frodo Fictional characters from the novels of J.
EA was granted the rights to The Lord of the Rings videogames based on the trilogy of books by J.
A Comparison of Cosmological Geography in the Works of J.
Director Uli Edel, who demonstrated little interest in subtlety in his Madonna movie "Body of Evidence," or the fairly similar miniseries "The Mists of Avalon," works with the same Norse mythology Wagner transformed into an opera and J.
As I have mentioned earlier my wife and I have a special connection to a group of English Authors often referred to as the Inkling's consisting of Charles Williams (1886-1945) J.