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n.1.(Far.) A callous tumor on the leg of a horse, below the hock.
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Equally interesting is the spillover of the military bullpup into the civilian market with models like the semi-automatic versions of the IWI Tavor, FN PS90, and Steyr AUG, but they're a pricey bunch and that's where JARD has an advantage.
The plain, sheet metal body of the JARD bullpup, which is available in black or tan finishes, gives it a very modernistic, functional and cool look.
The J67 was bom in the JARD shop through the collaboration of a few employees who were building a surplus British Sterling from a parts kit.
SPECIFICATIONS JARD J67 Type Semi-automatic Action Straight blowback Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum Barrel Length 16 3/4 inch Overall Length 26 1/8 inch Height 7 5/8 inch Width 1.
Com a missao politico-pedagogica de conciliar interdisciplinaridade academica, excelencia cientifica e inclusao social, desde a sua criacao, a jovem universidade despertou grande interesse na comunidade academica nacional e internacional, especialmente entre os estudiosos da educacao superior (ZIMERMAN; PINEZI; JARD DA SILVA, 2015).