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n.1.(Far.) A callous tumor on the leg of a horse, below the hock.
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Equally interesting is the spillover of the military bullpup into the civilian market with models like the semi-automatic versions of the IWI Tavor, FN PS90, and Steyr AUG, but they're a pricey bunch and that's where JARD has an advantage.
He brushed off the shoulders of his jard and fixed his eyes on the door.
In the case of the JARD J67, the hammer and action are fully 6 inches behind the trigger, which makes it roughly as long as an SBR without requiring a Class III tax stamp from the BATF.
Com a missao politico-pedagogica de conciliar interdisciplinaridade academica, excelencia cientifica e inclusao social, desde a sua criacao, a jovem universidade despertou grande interesse na comunidade academica nacional e internacional, especialmente entre os estudiosos da educacao superior (ZIMERMAN; PINEZI; JARD DA SILVA, 2015).
Work is also under way for the construction of other stations in Al Jard and Al Ayiun areas.
Q&A about Arab and American culture Now that he has been stateside for a while, Jard has some profound answers to some tough questions.
My Bushmaster Carbon-15 (yes, I kept it) now sports a self-installed Jard trigger and a left-hand safety lever.
Por su parte, el socio Jard Corporativo compartio la implementacion de gestion de documentos en el sector gobierno, especificamente en el Instituto Federal de Acceso a la Infamacion (IFAI).
Jard is professor at ENS Cachan Campus of Ker-Lann.
Prime Minister Nader Dahabi on Monday said Jordan would soon buy a nuclear reactor from a French company to supply the Kingdom with electrical power.a During a meeting with the head of the Jordanian-French Parliamentary Friendship Committee, Olivier Jard, and members of the panel, the premier said France will be helping Jordan in uranium enrichment and training of cadres.