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Junior Chamber of Commerce.
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8m, JCC said in a statement on its website on Wednesday.
The written statement of the planning secretary mentioned that the JCC had agreed to the development of hydropower projects along the north Indus and that homework was underway to implement the 1700 megawatts projects in Gilgit-Baltistan and KP.
Minutes of last JCC meeting suggest Chinese at limits of their flexibility
Following JCC will undertake work on financial arrangement and commercial contract for ML-I Pakistan Railways project, which will see setting up of a high-speed rail link between Peshawar and Karachi.
It is not mentioned in any public pronouncement, not on the CPEC website, not in any of the minutes of the JCC meetings held thus far, not in the LTP finalised in December 2016 at the sixth JCC and not in the shorter summary of that document circulated to the provinces in March of 2017," the article stated.
About private sector's representation, Minister said that it has been given to private sector in 7th JCC meeting to take on board private sector in this project, which is a game changer not only for Pakistan but for entire region.
He said that CPEC had now entered into the first phase of its completion and 7th JCC was of historical significance to finalize the long-term plan of project.
Joined by my father-in-law, who hadn't seen JCC before, I was hoping the jokes wouldn't prove too uncomfortable, but laughter was his main response.
The JCC was founded in 1995 at Jacksonville University to fill a need for a children's music program in the area.
While reiterating its strong condemnation of the coup attempt one year ago, the JCC stressed that the right to fair trial and due process should be respected and that all measures taken should further strengthen democracy, civil rights and social cohesion, respecting universal fundamental rights, the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law.
In addition, seven films out of 13 First-work section were screened in Arab and African preview, including Moroccan film "Divine" and Egyptian "Clash", as many films that have chosen the JCC before they enter the Dubai international film festival which is "a real victory for the JCC.
Entoure de ses amis du monde du septieme art dont le cineaste mauritanien Abderrahmane Sissako (president du jury des JCC 2016), de la productrice Dora Bouchoucha, du realisateur tunisien Nacer Khemir et de l'acteur egyptien Jameel Rateb, Brahim Ltaief s'est declare "tres emu et touche par ce grand honneur".