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Noun1.J. D. Salinger - United States writer (born 1919)
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Summary: JD Salinger's son Matt opens up about life with the Catcher in the Rye author
What were the first names of American novelist JD Salinger? 5.
On the other hand, Shay plays the role of Peach Salinger, an heir to the JD Salinger family who also has a complicated relationship with Beck.
She may have once been described as 'JD Salinger for the Snapchat generation', but Rooney's latest novel, Normal People - a tale of two Dublin teenagers, Marianne and Connell, and their on-off relationship - is very much a classic 'will they, won't they?' love story.
As he pointed out, folk music legend Bob Dylan called Burns his greatest inspiration and JD Salinger's classic 'The Catcher in the Rye' was named for protagonist Holden Caulfield's misinterpretation of the Burns poem 'Comin' Thro' the Rye'.
2010: American novelist JD Salinger, the author of The Catcher In The Rye, died aged 91.
For his coming film, 'Rebel in the Rye,' where he plays the reclusive and enigmatic writer JD Salinger, Hoult doesn't need to put on an outlandish costume, makeup or prosthetics.
A little later, I read The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger and it got under my skin in the way no novel had done before.
Chbosky cites The Catcher in the Rye author JD Salinger as an influence, but his book is not just a straight imitation of Salinger's classic novel.
According to the Hollywood reporter, the 39-year-old actor wrote the script for the project based on the book 'JD Salinger: A Life by Kenneth Slawensk'.
In 1974, in what could have been one of his last public comments, JD Salinger, the author of "The Catcher in Rye", told The New York Times: "I like to write.
1 Winston Churchill formed his first peacetime government 2 The Festival of Britain opened 3 British diplomats Burgess and Maclean went missing 4 The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger was published wordwise The word may sound familiar, but what does it mean?