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Any of various South and Central American birds of the family Galbulidae, having iridescent plumage and a long bill.

[French, possibly of Tupian origin.]
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(Animals) any bird of the tropical American family Galbulidae, having an iridescent plumage and feeding on insects: order Piciformes (woodpeckers, etc)
[C19: from French, from Tupi jacamá-ciri]
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(ˈdʒæk əˌmɑr)

any tropical American bird of the family Galbulidae, having a long bill and usu. metallic green plumage above.
[1640–50; < French < Tupi jacamáciri]
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Noun1.jacamar - tropical American insectivorous bird having a long sharp bill and iridescent green or bronze plumagejacamar - tropical American insectivorous bird having a long sharp bill and iridescent green or bronze plumage
piciform bird - any of numerous nonpasserine insectivorous climbing birds usually having strong bills for boring wood
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For example, rufous-tailed jacamars (Galbula ruficauda) are able to discriminate between minute differences on the wing patterning of Heliconius butterflies, leading to attacks on novel phenotypes [29].
"Who are the jacamars?" I'm glad it didn't turn up in a test paper in the day when I sat for examinations, trembling with trepidation and the fading hope that all my cramming might have been insufficient.
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1974: Avian speciation in tropical South America, with a systematic survey of the toucans (Ramphastidae) and jacamars (Galbulidae).
Frogmouths Batrachostomidae; Owlet Nightjars; Potoos; Eared Nightjars; Nightjars; Treeswifts; Swifts; Hummingbirds; Trogons; Kingfishers Alcedinidae; Kingfishers Dacebridae; Kingfishers Cerylidae; Todies; Motmots; Bee Eaters; Rollers; Ground Rollers; Cuckoo Rollers; Hoopoes; Woodhoopoes; Hornbills; Ground Horbills; Jacamars; Puffbirds; Asian Barbets; African Barbets; Amercian Barbets; Honeyguides; Toucans; Wood- peckers; New Zealand Wrens; Pittas; Broadbills; False Sunbirds; Woodcreepers; Furnarids; Antbirds; Antthrushes; Gnateaters.