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 (zhä′sə-nä′) also ja·ca·na (-kə-)
Any of several tropical or subtropical shorebirds of the family Jacanidae, having long toes adapted for walking on floating vegetation. Also called lily-trotter.

[Portuguese jaçanã, from Tupí jaçanam, jaçanã, one that cries out.]
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(ˌʒɑːsəˈnɑː; ˌdʒæ-)
(Animals) any bird of the family Jacanidae, of tropical and subtropical marshy regions, having long legs and very long toes that enable walking on floating plants: order Charadriiformes. Also called: lily-trotter
[C18: from Portuguese jaçanã, from Tupi-Guarani jasaná]
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Entre las aves el uso medicinal tiene Paujil (Mitu mitu) de la familia Cracidae y "tuqui tuqui" (Jacana jacana) de la familia Jacanidae.
guijarros o palliatus conchas Recurvirostridae: Pequenos crustaceos, Playas arenosas Himantopus materia organica, con vegetacion mexicanus, poliquetos rastrera Recurvirostra americana Jacanidae: Vegetales, insectos, Vegetacion Jacana spinosa gusanos, moluscos herbacea emergente de agua dulce Scolopacidae: Insectos, lapas, N/A Tringa flavipes, almejas, gusanos, Calidris alba, C.
Entre las aves residentes, las familias Ardeidae, Tyrannidae, Icteridae, Emberizidae y Rallidae tuvieron el mayor numero de representantes, mientras que las familias Cathartidae, Falconidae, Furnariidae, Jacanidae, Mimidae, Picidae, Podicipedidae, Psittacidae, Threskiornithidae y Tytonidae registraron solo un representante.
Jacanidae Actophilornis African jacana Africana Microparra capensis Lesserjacana 18.