Jack Russell terrier

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Jack Russell terrier

1. Any of several terriers developed in England to hunt foxes, having a small sturdy body and a dense, mostly white coat with brown or black markings, sometimes recognized as a distinct breed.
2. A Parson Russell terrier.

[After the Reverend John Russell (1795-1883), English clergyman who bred terriers.]
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Jack′ Rus′sell ter`rier

one of a breed of small, short-legged terriers having a white coat with tan or black markings.
[1905–10; after John Russell (1795–1883), a Devonshire clergyman]
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However, the Jack Russell terrier was found to be in immaculate condition apart from a single hole in its head.
A huge search was the launched for Pablo, a black pug; Maggie a tan Jack Russell terrier cross; Ralph, a fawn pug, Charlie, a black pug and Jack, a brindle French bulldog.
Contacted Searches had been continuing for black pug Pablo, tan Jack Russell terrier cross Maggie, Ralph, a fawn pug, black pug Charlie, and brindle French bulldog Jack.
Mela, a three-month-old Jack Russell Terrier puppy, was stolen from her young owner while being walked from Barnabus Avenue to Badger Avenue in Crewe
Prince Charles, on the other hand, has favored Jack Russell terriers.
Prized pet Holly, a fourteen-year-old Jack Russell Terrier from Dunblane, is hoping to land the Pet Idol crown.
A spokesman said: "Our dog warden picked up this attractive little roughcoated Jack Russell terrier in Bensham this morning.
Georgina Lowery, manager of Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Merseyside, said: "We are delighted that Arran and Beau are the inspirations behind the greyhound and Jack Russell terrier Dogs Trust emoji."
Ruby the Jack Russell terrier was morbidly obese after growing to 9.1kg, making her more than 50% overweight.
The award-winning "Tails of Abbygail" live-action video series is a succession of brief (roughly a half hour each, or an hour for double features), delightful DVDs featuring the Jack Russell terrier Abbygail, and the mysterious toys that come to life and share adventures with her.
Lulu, the Jack Russell Terrier, ran into the drain while out for a walk with her owner in Dorney, Buckinghamshire, but could not get out again as rubble blocked her exit.
Q MY Patterdale terrier is two and has been establishing dominance over my five-year-old Jack Russell terrier, Joe.