Jack block

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(Naut.) a block fixed in the topgallant or royal rigging, used for raising and lowering light masts and spars.

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Tenders are invited for Epoxy based mortar and Epoxy Grouting for Generator Foundation, Radial Jack block outs and Turbine Housing in Unit-3 and Unit-4 of Power House, Parbati HE Project, Stage-II
Few people heed the warning of the US psychologist Jack Block, who undertook a landmark study of more than 100 toddlers, following them for three decades.
ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 2 Referring to Diagram II-A, sew together 4 peach/aqua pieced squares, 2 aqua 3 1/2" squares, and cream 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangle to make Jumping Jack Block.
Sheldon had the ball on Jesuit's 23-yard line in the closing seconds, but quarterback Justin Herbert's pass was intercepted in the end zone by Jack Block to send the game to overtime.
FOR five days Jack Block will be viewing life from a very different perspective.
Phelps is survived and greatly missed by three daughters: Judith Felton and her husband John Felton of Boston, Lisa Phelps of Northborough, MA and Kate Phelps of Roxbury; by five grandchildren, Rebecca Felton Larkin of Springfield, VT, Frederic Felton of Boston, William Block of Chester Springs, PA, Edith Block of Revere, Erin Phelps-Alcorn of Guilderland, NY, and by two great-grandchildren: Amelia Larkin and Jack Block.
chair, (305) 229-3200): Jack Block, Eli Breger, Phillip Cook, Robert M.
The 1980 terrorist attack was targeted at the Norfolk hotel, a five-star hotel owned by the late Jack Block, an Israeli citizen.
gt;> SAVING SILVERMAN: This early-2001 comedy flop features the obnoxious Jack Block as a member of a Neil Diamond tribute band who falls for his former high school football coach, R.
It's a position also taken by Jack Block, president and CEO of the Food Distributors International.
Vogt, both of Northeastern University in Boston, and Jack Block of the University of California, Berkeley.
In 1990 Jonathan Shedler and Jack Block, two psychologists at the University of California, Berkeley, were attacked as traitors in the war on drugs after they reported that "problem drug use is a symptom, not a cause, of personal and social maladjustment.