Jack boots

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boots reaching above the knee; - worn in the 17 century by soldiers; afterwards by fishermen, etc.

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"A drum passing by," he says, "being a lover of music, I listed myself for a soldier."* "He mounted a war horse, with a great sword in his hand, and planted himself behind King William the Third against Lewis the Fourteenth." But he says when he cocked his hat, and put on a broad sword, jack boots, and shoulder belt, he did not know his own powers as a writer, he did not know then that he should ever be able to "demolish a fortified town with a goosequill."** So Steele became a "wretched common trooper," or, to put it more politely, a gentleman volunteer.
The former boy wizard shaved his head and pulled on the Jack boots to play an FBI agent infiltrating a group of neo-Nazis.
In Nightmare on Brexit Street, the Freddy Krueger would be a Nigel Farage filling his Union Jack boots as he whimpers for a knighthood.
They almost broke my bones beating me with wooden sticks and kicking me with their jack boots. I was confused as to what was happening.
But I will comment on "too militaristic." Today's police apparently feel obligated to don SWAT-style gear for virtually any situation--intimidating black ski masks, "jack boots" (yep), assault rifles, door bashers, etc.
'As the drums of war were beaten, as the US forces were gathering momentum to launch the war against the Iraqi it was obvious that the people were in danger from US bombers and the jack boots of occupation were threatening the Iraqi people in a way they had not seen for centuries.
Osgood and her husband, Richard, of Westminster, Colorado; her grandchildren, Matthew Mayrand and his wife, Susan, Rebecca Comiskey and her husband, Sean, Molly Mastoras and her husband, Jim, Mark Hanley, Katherine Hanley and her fiance , Jeremy Baver, Sarah Bombard and her husband, Garrett, Christopher Osgood and his wife, Marya, Stephanie Cashman and her husband, Dan; her step-grandchildren Anne Marie Gallagher, Suzanne Boots and her husband Rick, Michael Gallagher and his wife Nicole Momaney; her great-grandchildren, Logan Mayrand, Jack Boots, Lexi, Nikos, and Raymond Mastoras, McCartney, Jamie, and Riley Osgood, Joel and Nicholas Cashman; and nieces and nephews.
The items in Spiceworld: The Exhibition are owned by collector Liz and include a pair of Union Jack boots worn by Geri Halliwell.
To photographer Atul Bhalla, the dark implications of jack boots across the railway track of a Nazi concentration camp; to Rohini Devasher, the snow flakes and cellular amoeba in a kaleidoscopic projection; to the architect, the geometric layout of solitary buildings, receding into soft perspective.
Scholl's, flat feet and fallen arches, hosiery, jack boots, moccasins, Nike, pedicure, reflexology, sandals, socks, Spice Girls, These Boots are Made for Walkin, webbed toes, and The Wizard of Oz.