Jack shaft

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(Mach.) the first intermediate shaft, in a factory or mill, which receives power, through belts or gearing, from a prime mover, and transmits it, by the same means, to other intermediate shafts or to a line shaft.

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The procedure for this type of system had been to measure at each coupling on either end of the jack shaft and then use both sets of alignment results to calculate the necessary correction in order to align the machine units.
To provide that resistance, a rotary pump was mounted so it was driven by the vehicle's jack shaft sprocket.
By combining the technologies of the field proven laminated finned frame RPM AC motor with a high performance permanent magnet salient pole rotor design, the company offers an energy efficient power dense product that can directly replace the right angle gearbox and jack shaft installation in many conventional cooling towers.
The 6-foot-diameter top has a 28-inch-diameter center cavity with a threaded rod called a jack shaft (sold at masonry stores) set into a sleeve.
At a local bicycle shop he purchased a jack shaft, sprockets and chain.
A jack shaft would then be extended from the power unit.