Jack the Giant Killer

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the hero of a well-known nursery story.
- Shak.

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'That'h Jack the Giant Killer - piethe of comic infant bithnith,' said Sleary.
He knows no more of Jack the Giant Killer or of Sinbad the Sailor than he knows of the people in the stars.
1 What specific physical characteristic is shared by the giant Thunderdell in the tale of Jack the Giant Killer, the dog Orthrus that was killed by Herakles in Greek mythology, and a Roman god whose namesake gates in Rome would be opened or closed in times of war or peace, respectively?
In 1906 he wrote a play called Jack the Giant Killer which premiered on the Orpheum vaudeville stage and ran for nearly 10 years due to its popularity.
"He is an actor of repute, as well as the premier giant, and there is every prospect that at the Empire he will, as in America, be lionised in his re-production of a page from Gulliver's Travels, disclosing Jack The Giant Killer in a clever and humorous playlet, written and arranged by himself."
FOLLOWING THE back-to-back box office failures of "The Incredible Burr Wonderstone" and "Jack the Giant Killer," New Line Cinema is looking to rebound with a film that at first blush would seem to offer an unlikely shot at redemption--a midsummer horror title.
Awaiting them at the top is the last survivor of the battle against Jack the Giant Killer's army.
The film is a retelling of the beloved tale Jack and the Beanstalk and the lesser known story, Jack the Giant Killer.
"We're telling our own tale, loosely based on stories like 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and the older and darker 'Jack the Giant Killer,' which grew up around the legends of King Arthur, combining elements of both and introducing our own lore to give it a context and history and to bring these characters and this world to life in a dynamic way, with a kind of heightened realism," Singer says.
He explained the inspiration behind Farrell: "My grandfather, Jack Farrell - Jack the Giant Killer -- was a huge man, built like an Irish navvy, fought in the Second World War, lived on a council estate.
"She has promotional work for Jack The Giant Killer this autumn and she said Warner Brothers wouldn't let her, so she told them I'd do it instead," said Tomlinson snr.
Next month fans will see Bill back in action beside Ewan McGregor, 41, and rising British star Nicholas Hoult, 22, in the fantasy adventure film Jack the Giant Killer.