Jack the Giant Killer

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the hero of a well-known nursery story.
- Shak.

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In truth, so horrific and improbable are these accounts, that many sensible and well-informed people will not believe that any cannibals exist; and place every book of voyages which purports to give any account of them, on the same shelf with Blue Beard and Jack the Giant-Killer. While others, implicitly crediting the most extravagant fictions, firmly believe that there are people in the world with tastes so depraved that they would infinitely prefer a single mouthful of material humanity to a good dinner of roast beef and plum pudding.
of Jack the Giant-killer. Why am I going there now?
Samuel Johnson thought Jack the Giant-Killer, Parismus and Parismenus, and The Seven Champions of Christendom 'fitter' for children 'than Mrs.