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n.1.A young man living as an apprentice on a sheep station, or otherwise engaged in acquainting himself with colonial life.
v. i.1.To be a jackaroo; to pass one's time as a jackaroo.
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Nobody mentions it in the film, but 1967 was the year when the referendum was held to declare Aboriginals full citizens (1)--and this political sea change is reflected in the character of young jackaroo Taylor Pete (Calen Tassone) beginning to think about campaigning for land rights.
Harper's path is clear: work hard, attend Winamroo Jackaroo and Jillaroo School, develop her skills and win a place at the prestigious Tamworth Ag College, Agricoll.
Jackaroo by Cynthia Voigt made me want to be a writer.
This year the 1,250 US Marines involved in the Marine Rotational Force-Darwin are participating in a number of activities with the Australian Defence Force in Australia including Exercise Southern Jackaroo in Queensland, Exercise Hamel in South Australia and Exercises Koolendong and Kowari in the Northern Territory.
After the war, David Crosby worked as a jackaroo on a farm in the New South Wales outback, having married wife Erica at Sydney's St Andrew's Cathedral.
He then became a jackaroo on his father's property, and upon his father's death in 1890, he received a comfortable inheritance.
He was last seen on Tuesday evening at Upshot Station, 80 miles southwest of Longreach in north Queensland, where he was working as a jackaroo mustering cattle.
The days included sport; discussion about the human skeletal and gastro-intestinal systems, using Fragile Fred (the friendly plastic skeleton) and Legless Larry (the plastic mannequin) respectively; hospital role play; songs and dances about the human body; a puppet show about a jackaroo who is thrown from his horse and finds himself in hospital; a teeth talk; anatomical songs; and time set aside for every student to listen to their own heart with a stethoscope.
There was a competitive meeting on the sand at Dundalk on Sunday, and one horse who took the eye was STEPHEN'S GREEN in the premier handicap behind Jackaroo.
But others - like being able to ride a horse "to jackaroo standard" will have teenagers scurrying back into their bargain drinking dens.
THE GREAT OUTDOORS: The Leconfield Jackaroo and Jillaroo School in Australia.
At age 18 he worked as a jackaroo on a 300,000 acre sheep farm in Hay, Australia for 11 months, and endeared himself to the Australian outback lads, which in a way was an apprenticeship for the active caring life with his lads in the army.