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Noun1.Jackson Pollock - United States artist famous for painting with a drip techniqueJackson Pollock - United States artist famous for painting with a drip technique; a leader of abstract expressionism in America (1912-1956)
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A cryptic oil mural by Alfonso Ossorio that can be viewed horizontally or vertically and bears two titles and is now generally believed a panegyric to his friend, abstract expressionist trailblazer Jackson Pollock, will be bidded out by Leon Gallery during its Magnificent September Auction next month.
1956: Abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock died when his car hit a tree near East Hampton, New York.
Among the paintings due to be displayed was Jackson Pollock's Mural on Indian Red Ground.
More precisely, the absence of the classic "drip" canvases gave particular emphasis to five black pour-and-stain paintings from around 1951, only one of which had been shown in the superb recent exhibition of such pictures, "Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots," at the Dallas Museum of Art (first presented at Tate Liverpool).
Credit also goes to his niece Peggy, who championed icons like Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky and established influential galleries in New York, London, and Venice, where she eventually settled.
Liverpool Philharmonic, Hope Street - tomorrow, 7.30pm EXHIBITION Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots Explore Jackson Pollock's diverse and influential art practice in Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots.
Jackson Pollock. I'm not sure any of his work is in the collection, though!
Anfam presents students, academics, researchers, arts professionals, and general interest readers with an examination of the influences on Jackson Pollock in the period leading up to the execution of his painting Mural.
Recently, as part of their art programme, they have been studying artist Paul Jackson Pollock who was an inC/uential American painter and a major gure in the abstract expressionist movement.
Summary: "When I am in my painting, I'm not aware of what I'm doing," explained Jackson Pollock before his death in 1956.
The result is a blowsy splash of colour, a bit like a Jackson Pollock painting.
Anyone with kids will attest that the beautiful cream-coloured shagpile you once trod on barefoot pre-children, and which felt like you were being carried aloft by a million miniature feathers, now resembles a Jackson Pollock print.

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