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n.1.Wood of the jack (Artocarpus integrifolia), used in cabinetwork.
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Stage depictions of stock Yankee and black characters showed how the Yankee's compassion for slaves humanized market capitalism in Jonathan Postfree (1807), Love and Friendship (1807), The Liberty Tree (1832), and Neighbor Jackwood (1857).
His works include two antislavery novels--Neighbor Jackwood (1857) and Cudjo's Cave (1864)--and a non-fiction book about the ravages of the Civil War: A Picture of the Desolated States; and the Work of Restoration, 1865-1868 (1868).
She is rescued by Robert Greenwich, who helps her travel the <IR> UNDERGROUND RAILWAY </IR> to the Green Mountains of Vermont where she is befriended by Abimelech Jackwood of the title.
Mrs M Perkins, Jackwood Green, Bede Village, Bedworth.
The books by which he is remembered are Neighbor Jackwood (1857) and <IR> CUDJO'S CAVE </IR> (1864), both antislavery novels.