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Noun1.Jaculus - jerboasJaculus - jerboas        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Dipodidae, family Dipodidae - Old World jerboas
Jaculus jaculus - a variety of jerboa
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Genetic differentiation and relationship of the dipodids Allactaga and Jaculus (Mammalia, Rodentia) in Egypt based on protein variation.
Plasma antidiuretic hormone levels and kidney responsiveness to vasopressin in the jerboa, Jaculus orientalis.
Reptiles, above all unidentified species of Lacertidae and Agamidae, constituted the second most important prey, followed by birds (Spanish sparrows Passer hispaniolensis and their hybrids, FO % = 0.42%) and lastly mammals, mainly rodent species such as Meriones shawi, Gerbillus nanus, Gerbullius tarabuli and Jaculus ssp.
Hibernation impact on the catalytic activities of the mitochondrial D-3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase in liver and brain tissues of jerboa (Jaculus orientalis).
Before Amoryus can reply, however, Cleopes launches into almost ten stanzas of general information on the various venoms of serpents, such as "cokatrycys [basilisks]" (1251), the "draconia" (1253), and the "jaculus" (1259).
Prevelances were considerably higher for the bushy-tailed jird, large Egyptian gerbil (Gerbillus pyramidum), greater Egyptian jerboa (Jaculus orientalis), and lesser Egyptian jerboa (J.
In the Sahara, the jerboas (family Dipodidae) are represented by a single species--the desert jerboa Jaculus jaculus.
Procambarus (Ortmannicus) jaculus Hobbs and Walton [CS] Attala, Carroll, Franklin, Hinds, Montgomery, Newton, Rankin, Scott, Yalobusha, Yazoo.
longicaudatus does not have a fully bipedal morphology like rodents of the genera Jaculus or Dipodomys, I will refer to this species as bipedal to emphasize the difference in escape mode compared with the other species (Vasquez 1994b).
which destroys the flower bud, the legume pod borer, Maruca vitrata Fab which attacks the young stems, flowers, pods and seeds and a spectrum of pod sucking bugs among which are Clavigralla tomentosicollis Stal, Anoplocnemis curvipes Fab, Riptortus dentines Fab, Mirperus jaculus, Nezara viridula L and Aspavia armigera L.
Seventy-three rodents belonging to five genera (Gerbillus, Desmodilliscus, Acomys, Arvicanthis, and Jaculus) and three families (Gerbillidae, Muridae, and Dipodidae) were captured in the same areas where mosquitoes were trapped, but no RVFV strains could be isolated and no serum was positive for IgM or IgG antibodies.