Jaculus jaculus

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Noun1.Jaculus jaculus - a variety of jerboaJaculus jaculus - a variety of jerboa      
jerboa - mouselike jumping rodent
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In the Sahara, the jerboas (family Dipodidae) are represented by a single species--the desert jerboa Jaculus jaculus. It is even smaller than the North African jerboa (J.
Acomys cahirinus C Acomys russatus C Eliomys melanurus C Gerbillus dasyurus G Gerbillus gerbillus G Gerbillus henleyi G Jaculus jaculus G/F Meriones crassus G/F Mus musculus O Psammomys obesus F Sekeetamys calurus G/F
henleyi (pygmy gerbil, 11 g), Buxton's jird (Meriones sacramenti, 120 g), and common jerboa (Jaculus jaculus, 50-70 g).