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a.1.Vicious; ill-tempered; resembling a jade; - applied to a horse.
2.Unchaste; - applied to a woman.
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Subsequent papers with Robert Dickinson, David Randall, Jadish Shukla, Carlos Nobre, Inez Fung, and others, expanded this work, allowing modern general circulation models to more realistically represent the exchanges of water, energy, and carbon between land and atmosphere.
Dubai's Yuvraj Jaisingh took four wickets for 13 while Aryan Lakra and Pradhyumna Jadish chipped in with three wickets each.
Tenders are invited for IPB jadish nayak to h/o khetu, batra colony
The limited literature on the impact of trade unions also highlights a negative impact of trade unions on productivity (Sinhala & Shawnee, 1970; Rajas, 1992; Jadish Chatter, 2009).
India, March 1 -- Jadish Khattar, former MD of Maruti Suzuki has joined with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in an enquiry against the anti-competitive practices of the Indian Auto Industry.