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n. pl. chaebol
A conglomerate of businesses, usually owned by a single family, especially in Korea.

[Korean chaebeol (formed on the model of Japanese zaibatsu, zaibatsu, by using the Korean pronunciation of the two Chinese characters with which the Japanese word is written) : chae, wealth (from Early Middle Chinese, dzəj; see zaibatsu) + beol, powerful family (from Early Middle Chinese buat; see zaibatsu).]


(Commerce) a large, usually family-owned, business group in South Korea
[C20: from Korean, literally: money clan]
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The Korean economy developed quickly in the four decades after the Korean War through a close relationship between the government and industry, especially the jaebeol, or large commercial conglomerates.
financial institutions were saddled with solvency issues in the years immediately preceding each crisis: in Korea's case, these issues arose from nonperforming commercial loans to jaebeol; (130) similarly, in the United States, poorly underwritten residential mortgage assets infected the financial system.
(134.) In Korea, jaebeol enjoyed implicit government guarantees, JOHNSON & KWAK.