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Noun1.Jaffa orange - sweet almost seedless orange of IsraelJaffa orange - sweet almost seedless orange of Israel
sweet orange - orange with sweet juicy pulp; often has a thin skin
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A memorable Christmas present was a 'cowboy fort' made by my father from a Jaffa orange box and painted with creosote.
from DON'T miss another great offer with your Daily Record - today, why not pick up a FREE Jaffa Orange bar at your local Tesco?
The name of our particular version comes from the orange itself, known both as the Jaffa orange and also the shamouti, a much more elegant title.
For this he could go the Theatre Royal on Sussex Street, buy a Jaffa orange and a bag of peanuts and have fish and chips from Freda Harrington's at Richmond Street on the way home.
In central Tel Aviv we walked down long, sweet-smelling avenues, and drank Jaffa orange juice from stalls.
From which country does the Jaffa orange originally come?
Julia said: "Doctors told him it was the size of a Jaffa orange. He would have died in four weeks if they hadn't got it out."
For dessert I had jaffa orange and chocolate sauce pudding (pounds 4.25) - a treat of tartness.
Following lineup changes and the group's relocation to Portland, the CD was recently released again by group member Collin "JoJoBoy" Clay (with lyrics and more expansive liner notes) through his Jaffa Orange Station imprint.
Tesco Jaffa Orange Pack buy 2 for Tesco Broccoli (300g) BOGOF (51p each)' McCain Home Roast Potatoes (1kg) BOGOF (pounds 1.59 each)' Kintyre Breaded Scampi (235g) BOGOF (pounds 2.99 each).
Hence the snowstorm of paper which arrives on a daily basis requiring yet another feat of cookery or sewing to be performed, or imaginative ways with a Jaffa orange and a candle to be produced.