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A city of extreme northern Sri Lanka on Palk Strait. It was the center of an ancient Tamil culture until the Portuguese conquest of 1619.


(Placename) a port in N Sri Lanka: for many centuries the capital of a Tamil kingdom. Pop: 149 000 (2005 est)


(ˈdʒɑf nə)

a seaport in N Sri Lanka. 118,224.
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Jaffna, March 7 -- Sri Lanka Security Forces, Jaffna and its commander in Jaffna Major General Dharshana Hettiarrachchi, as well as the Lions Club of Makola were the pioneers in identifying the talents of students in the Jaffna Peninsula in the field of Education, and also to have come forward to encourage those students who excelled in the last G.
MANILA: The ADB's Board of Directors approved additional loans totaling $120 million for a project to bring drinking water to urban areas of the Jaffna Peninsula, one of Sri Lanka's less developed regions.
A stretch of land in Jaffna has been released by the Sri Lanka Army on Thursday (30th Nov.
Summary: Jaffna [Sri Lanka], Nov 5 (ANI): The Sri Lankan Navy apprehended eight fishermen of Indian origin and seized one boat belonging to them near Jaffna on Sunday.
Modi assured the people of Jaffna that the task taken up by India in the construction of the cultural centre will be completed in time and will exceed their expectations.
I can finally shift out of my rented home in Jaffna," smiles the department store clerk in Jaffna.
I recall my first and only trip to Jaffna prior to the conflict.
The High Commissioner also met the Government Agent Sundram Arumaing Yagam and Deputy Election Commissioner Jaffna, Achuthan They exchanged views on the preparation for the upcoming election and the election system being followed by Pakistan.
JAFFNA, SRI LANKA * The Catholic bishop of Jaffna, Sri Lanka's northernmost city and former capital of rebel-controlled territory, has urged the government to do more to aid the return home of people evacuated 15 years ago during the civil war.
Life insurance leader Ceylinco Life has opened two new branches in Jaffna and announced plans to open five more in the near future to service the long term insurance needs of the people of the peninsula.
The islandAEs bloody 37-year civil war may be over for 14 months, but restrictions still apply on who and how can journeys to Jaffna be made.
The explosion happened in Jaffna after the children found and then threw away the grenade, police spokesman Prishantha Jayakody said.