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n.1.A village or district the government and revenues of which are assigned to some person, usually in consideration of some service to be rendered, esp. the maintenance of troops.
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Local divers fished out the body near Jaghir area of Garhi Habibullah after hectic efforts.
Tenders are invited for Construction of prestressed, precast compound wall at shyampet jaghir for weaker section housing program sy.no.307, 309 in div.no.32 (reserved for sc)
The terrorists of Abu Jahad al-Ahmadi, Abu Mohamamd al-Sakri, Abu Omar al-Shabil, Abdolqader Yousef Jaghil, Omar Mostafa Jaghir and Omar al-Ashqar were also killed in
HOLBROOKS boxer Jaghir Hayer entered unchartered territory in the ring at the BUCS Gatorade Nationals but the silver medallist insists he was more than a match for his opponent.