Jail lock

a peculiar form of padlock; - called also Scandinavian lock.
- Abbott.

See also: Jail

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The Wedge is a maximum-security surface mounted lock pocket with features designed to make it extremely difficult for an inmate to defeat a jail lock.
Johns also sent picture messages showing drugs on what was later identified as Johns' kitchen work surface, to which Hunt replied: "You reckon you can get them that brick on the right?" After a further image, showing drugs alongside a knife and a spanner, Hunt replied: "You're the sickest innit, I would have the whole jail locked down if I had that in here bro."
They overpowered the two officers in charge and then opened the jail locks. They also killed one security guard, Ramashankar Yadav.
The keys, including one fitting every cell door and another to open most jail locks, are one of 1,200 sets at the prison.