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 (jīn) also Jai·na (jī′nə)
A believer in or adherent of Jainism.

[Hindi jaina, from Sanskrit jaina-, relating to the saints, from jinaḥ, saint, victor, from jayati, he conquers.]
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(dʒaɪn) or


1. (Hinduism) an adherent of Jainism
2. (Hinduism) one of the saints believed to be the founders of Jainism
(Hinduism) of or relating to Jainism or the Jains
[C19: from Hindi jaina saint, literally: overcomer, from Sanskrit]
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also Jai•na

(ˈdʒaɪ nə)


an adherent of Jainism.
[1795–1805; « Skt jaina]
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Adj.1.Jain - relating to or characteristic of Jainism; "Jain gods"
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njaïn mf
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There I shall meet one of the pure faith in a Jain temple of that city.
Mussalman - Sikh Hindu - Jain - low caste or high?'
Citing shopping and parties as the emirate's principal attractions, Jain counts White Dubai as one of the world's top clubs, which she visted last time she was here to film a travel blog.
Complainants alleged that the incident took place on Friday evening when a few people forcefully ransacked posters written in Hindi on the entrance of a Jain prayer hall.
BAALBECK, Lebanon: French electro-pop sensation Jain sang, danced and jumped about on the steps of the Bacchus Temple Thursday night.
Rajesh Jain receives his long term visa from officials Image Credit: Supplied
And when Jain says "people" he's not necessarily referring to people on social media or a general public he may never meet.
'There was no proper upkeep of the place and it was being roughly used and neglected which was a distressing situation for the Jain followers.
My last visit to this place was in the company of Haji Sheikh Mubarak Ali, the tailor-cum-religious person who built a mosque in the 500-yard long bazaar which already has five mosques, a Jain Hall and a Hindu temple.
Jain comes to the Stephenson Cancer Center from State University of New York, Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, where he was chief of the division of Surgical Oncology; chief of the section of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery; and co-director of the Gastric and Esophageal Cancer Program.
This is the first Jain temple in North America with "Shikhar" or dome to complete 25 years.