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A city of northwest India southwest of Delhi. Jaipur was founded in 1727 as the new capital of a princely state dating from the 1100s and is now the capital of the state of Rajasthan.


(Placename) a city of great beauty in N India, capital of Rajasthan state: University of Rajasthan (1947). Pop: 2 324 319 (2001)


(ˈdʒaɪ pʊər)

1. a former state in NW India, now part of Rajasthan.
2. the capital of Rajasthan, in NW India. 1,458,183.
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Jaipur state, of the new prospective bridegroom, signed a treaty of friendship with the Company in 1803.
Chughtai was born in 1928, Sawai Madhopur Jaipur of pre-partition India's Jaipur state.
Throughout the history of Jaipur, the Digambar Khandelwals have gravitated more toward service professions, especially as bureaucrats of the pre-Independence Jaipur State and now for the Indian and Rajasthan governments.
Samuel Swinton Jacob the Chief Engineer in Jaipur State is generally known as one of the main movers for the revival of Indian building crafts during the Colonial period.
A large number of rulers of the Jaipur state adopted children.
Hasse Brockenhuus von Lowenhielm, Sweden - Jaipur State
His father Pandit Govardhan Prakash was a court musician of the then Jaipur State. Before joining films, Khemchand Prakash was associated with Nepal Darbar as a singer.