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also Xa·la·pa  (hə-lä′pə, hä-lä′pä)
A city of east-central Mexico east of Mexico City. Built on the site of a pre-Columbian city, Jalapa was captured by Cortés in 1519. It is now an agricultural trade center and a mountain resort.


(Spanish xaˈlapa)
(Placename) a city in E central Mexico, capital of Veracruz State, at an altitude of 1427 m (4681 ft): resort. Pop: 525 000 (2005 est)


(hɑˈlɑ pɑ)

the capital of Veracruz, in E Mexico. 279,451.
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The main routes of this line are Mexico - Nuevo Laredo (1,292 km), Mexico - Veracruz (through Jalapa, 470 km), and Mexico - Lazaro Cardenas (788 km).
The plan for Thursday was to set out around 3 a.m., taking advantage of the cool pre-dawn and morning temperatures to trek to Santa Maria Jalapa del Marques, about 35 miles (57 kilometers) to the west.
Este trabajo tiene como proposito explorar el conflicto vivido en Chiapas a partir de la promulgacion del Plan de Jalapa en 1830.
Austin-inspired, Brooklyn-based eatery Jalapa Jar, which got its start at the Smorgasburg "foodie" event in Williamsburg, is set to open a popup store at 384 Schermerhorn in Downtown Brooklyn.
Hyaluronic acid locks in essential moisture, with extracts of mirabilis jalapa and orange blossom milk, to soothe, nourish and hydrate.
El Progreso, Sacatepequez, Chimaltenango, Alta V, Jutiapa, Baja V and Jalapa." The bid deadline is November 7, 2014 AUCTION OF VEHICLES.
No permanezcas W* nunca en silencio", dijo Salman Rushdie, escritor anglohindu de visita en Mexico, invitado al Hay Festival, en Jalapa. "Si alguien quiere atacarte por un libro tuyo, escribe otro, y luego otro y otro".
Vocal fry is found in the bass part of some types of gospel songs, and languages such as Jalapa Mazatec in the Mexican state of Oaxaca use vocal fry to change the meaning of words.
A similar incident occurred on October 2 when Irma Lopez, a native woman in Oaxaca state, gave birth in the yard of a government hospital in the small town of San Felipe Jalapa de Diaz.
The decree, published in the Government Gazette, temporarily suspends individual rights, including the right to public gatherings, in Jalapa and Mataquescuintla, located 101 and 110 kilometers respectively East of the capital Guatemala City, and in Casillas and San Rafael Las Flores, 87 and 105 kilometers respectively Southeast of the capital.
Los municipios con mayores danos son Balancan, Centro, Emiliano Zapata, Macuspana y Jalapa, manifesto en la nota el portavoz de Proteccion Civil, Roberto Lopez.