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or jal·fra·zi  (jäl&-frā′zē)
A style of curry made with onion, tomato, and green chiles.
Being or served with a curry of onion, tomato, and green chiles: chicken jalfrezi.

[Anglo-Indian, leftover meat fried in a dry sauce of chiles and onions, perhaps from colloquial Bengali jhālpharezī : Bengali jhāl, hot, spicy (from Middle Indic *jhāla-, perhaps from a dialectal variant of Sanskrit kṣāra-, burning, hot; see dhegwh- in Indo-European roots) + Hindi and Urdu parhezī, forming part of a diet, abstemious (from parhez, abstention, from Persian parhēz, verbal noun of parhēkhtan, to abstain, from Middle Persian pahrēxtan, from Old Iranian *pati-raič- (attested in Avestan paiti-raēč-, to leave behind) *pati, against, opposite + *raič-, to leave; see leikw- in Indo-European roots). Alternatively, Anglo-Indian ultimately from Bengali jhāl, hot, spicy + Persian farēz, dried meat, peeling, shaving.]
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a medium-hot curry made with green chillies
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Bucking a national trend which has seen tikka masala and korma variously take the top spot in national polls, jalfrezi has been declared the region's favourite curry, closely followed by a traditional Black Country balti.
Ingredients 8 boneless chicken thighs 10g cumin seeds 30g packet coriander 200g natural yoghurt 15g medium curry powder 2 red onion sliced 120g jalfrezi spice paste 300g basmati Rice 180g dried apricots sliced 50g shelled pistachios 1 medium cauliflower Method Put the yoghurt, cumin seeds, coriander and the half the curry powder in a bowl and mix together.
So we'll continue with a Madras or jalfrezi and count the benefits - without losing any sleep over it.
Daithi, 42, told the Irish Mirror: "I love when Rita surprises me with a chicken jalfrezi and a nice glass of milk.
Examples include Just Eat's advert for a jalfrezi curry, which comes with the tagline: "Jalfrezi incoming to spice up Jo's movie night."
The waitress offered us crayons and that worked for a while but it beans actually) I went for the chicken Jalfrezi pie, which was a Naan bread style case filled with pieces of chicken in a spicy jalfrezi curry sauce.
Enjoy dishes such as Crispy Cinnamon Potato Tacos, Lemon Chia Pudding, Romaine Lettuce Wraps, Mini Black-Bean Chimichangas, Falafel Shakshuka, Lima Bean Jalfrezi, Spicy Mushroom-Stuffed Calzone, Red Thai Curried Potatoes, Curried Chickpea & Pine Nut Pasties, and Sweet Potato Stuffed Shells.
Chicken jalfrezi MANCHESTER has its Curry Mile but there is a mecca for all things Indian cuisine a lot closer to home - Ocean Road in South Shields.
A PILOT about to land in turbulent conditions warned passengers it would be 'spicy - on a curry level of jalfrezi.'.
The meals for two include tikka marinated chicken jalfrezi with naan dumplings, aubergine and courgette parmigiana, smoked haddock and king prawn fisherman's pie, mac & cheese and king prawn, chicken and chorizo paella.
I'm a chicken jalfrezi, chapatis and rice kind of girl and eat the same thing every time, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and let my friend do the ordering.