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n. pl.1.(Mil.) Long poles, topped with wisps of straw, used as landmarks and signals.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The thieves broke into Jalons on Smithdown Road, after 1am on Tuesday, jimmying a door open and using head mounted lamps to creep.
Frank, from Broadgreen, hosted the charity event at Jalons Bridewell in Liverpool city centre yesterday.
Mick Quinn will today start reflecting on what might have been when Jalons Star runs for neighbouring trainer Graham McCourt at Stratford, writes Rodney Masters.
The warning came after the sudden closure of Jalons Bridewell.
JALONS Bridewell was the place to be seen on Wednesday, as the trendy bar and restaurant celebrated its launch with a bullion themed party.
LIVERPOOL'S Jalons Bridewell restaurant was packed with diners who were entertained by Merseyside historian Frank Carlyle.
It has now been taken over and refurbished by the Jalons brand, which already owns a restaurant in Smithdown Road.
John O'Connell, formerly of Groundpig (Jalons, Smithdown Road).
I'VE always had a soft spot for Jalons - when it opened in Waterloo five years ago, I reviewed it on these very pages and was blown away.
SPOOKY: David McClelland, of Sacred Heart high school, Crosby pens a ghostly tale at Jalons Bridewell
IT'S a cold night in mid November and we've chanced arriving at Jalons without a reservation - it was a Tuesday after all.
More celebrities gathered at Jalons Brideswell on Sunday for the launch of a club night hosted by Phillip Olivier.