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The P34L are supplied with jam nut and flat washer to resist compression forces.
On some of these vehicles, the jam nut in the rear suspension toe adjuster link may not be torqued to the proper specification," according to a statement released by GM.
With the exception of the Featherweight, in which the barrel was retained in the frame with the conventional and familiar hand-tightened jam nut, the Model 12 could be broken down into two compact parts by merely unlocking and pulling the magazine tube forward and giving the barrel a l/4-turn counter-clockwise.
If it requires the use of a jam nut, I've found that a small amount of thread locker on the jam-nut/barrel-nut interface will allow it to remain tight throughout years of use.
A jam nut is part of the leveling assembly of the mounts, which come in various sizes, up to 180 mm.
Tighten the jam nut before you tighten the line nut.
Compatibility with panel mount, jam nut receptacles and plug variants.
for its aluminum-bronze jam nut part for seismic applications; Denison Industries, Denison, Texas, for an aluminum elevation housing "turtle" used on naval vessels; and General Motors Powertrain USA, Pontiac, Mich.
These bolts have a special collar under the extended socket head to press against one ring segment while a large nut and jam nut press against the adjacent ring segment.
Tenders are invited for Jam Nut Fine Hex 7/8 Inch-14 Unf-2B To Drg.
The valve nut jam nut was less than finger tight, with no Loctite or self-locking mechanism by design.