Jamaica ginger

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a variety of ginger, called also white ginger, prepared in Jamaica from the best roots, which are deprived of their epidermis and dried separately.

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And to go with a cuppa, how about McVitie's Jamaica Ginger Sticky Pudding Cake (245g), down from PS1.
At the moment, the brands that would be hit by the full charge for 18-24p a litre (or 8p a can) include full-strength Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, Capri Sun blackcurrant, Red Bull, Strawberry Ribena, Lucozade Energy, Irn-Bru and Fever-Tree tonic water, said the Treasury.
So for the first 10 years of the Prohibition Act of 1920, they got away with selling it, and one bottle like this, 2 ounces of Jamaica Ginger, this is about 90 percent alcohol, which is about 180 proof.
Aside from the many cakes my mum baked when we were growing up, she would sometimes treat us to a 'shop-bought' Jamaica ginger cake.
CHECK LISTS FOR SOME LITTLE TREATS Walkers Doritos, per 25g serving - 5 2-finger Kit Kat - 4 Brownie - 8 Gu Chocolate Mr Kipling Fruit Pie - 9 50g McVitie's Jamaica Ginger Cake - 7 58g Mars Bar - 10 1 Lindt Lindor Truffle - 3 Dazs 100ml Haagen-Ice Cream - 9 STILL PECKISH?
Make this with beer, adding nutmeg, Jamaica ginger, cloves and cinnamon sticks, never allowing it to boil.
Each of the guests in the arena was issued with a gold plastic bag with a poncho, a Jamaica ginger cake, a woven Union flag and a souvenir programme.
The sponsors for the Ball were Old Jamaica Ginger Beer.
3 Jamaica ginger Biscuits cake 11 15 WeightWatchers Finsbury 9.
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