James Baldwin

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Noun1.James Baldwin - United States author who was an outspoken critic of racism (1924-1987)
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James Baldwin dazzled judges for the Springbourne Homes Design Awards with his imaginative ideas for the property firm's upcoming development of 19 luxury homes near Fenny Drayton.
Of Latitudes Unknown: James Baldwin's Radical Imagination
King won her very first Oscar and thanked director Barry Jenkins and James Baldwin, who wrote the book.
Possessing the articulate elegance of James Baldwin, on whose novel this is based, this is less a night out, more a distillation of the late 20th century African-American experience.
James Baldwin was a writer, social activist and critic during the 1960s United States when racial prejudices against African-Americans deeply pervaded the American society.
Where autobiographical writing by black men is concerned, perhaps no figure looms as large as James Baldwin's stepfather, David Baldwin.
It's new from Fordham University Press, 'Who Can Afford to Improvise?': James Baldwin and Black Music, the Lyric and the Listeners.
Maxwell recounts a report by the Justice Department's General Crimes Section that found the novel Another Country by James Baldwin to contain "literary merit" and "may be of value to students of psychology and social behavior." This was after considerable scrutiny of the novel and consideration of whether it could even be sold and possessed legally.
But she found a surrogate father of sorts in the celebrated author James Baldwin.