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Noun1.James Branch Cabell - United States writer of satirical novels (1879-1958)James Branch Cabell - United States writer of satirical novels (1879-1958)
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Among their topics are metamorphosis in James Branch Cabell's Jurgen, the Prague experience of city perception in transit, Constantinople and the Slavs, Sephardic places in Sephardic songs, Hemingway's Hispanic vision in For Whom the Bell Tolls, transformations of place and identity in the post-apartheid fiction of Nadine Gordimer and Zakes Mda, post-colonial perspectives on Lithuanian deportation, and post-colonial computer games as spatial stories.
Its history is half romance, and its secret god is James Branch Cabell's "demi-urge," the myth-maker, the dream-weaver.
It raised a censorship issue reminiscent of the one inspired by James Branch Cabell's 1919 novel Jurgen.