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Writers discussed include James Fennimore Cooper, Sylvester Judd, and Clarence Darrow.
James Fennimore Cooper describes the largest of them in his novel The Pioneers, published in 1823.
A James Fennimore Cooper B William Wilkie Collins C Samuel Langhorne Clemens D Herman Melville QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: Which British wild flower is also known as the wood hyacinth?
James Cameron's Avatar is in one sense just the latest of numberless colonial fantasies in which white guilt is formally redeemed when a dissident white man "goes Native." From Paul Gauguin's "savage man" to James Fennimore Cooper's The last of the Mohicans to the German followers of Karl May, the prospect of going Native is perhaps the nearest thing the world's white population has to a pan-racial ritual, I do hope that Indigenous people everywhere are Laughing at us, for we must look quite ridiculous.
James Fennimore Cooper wrote in Mohicans: "I tell you, Uncas, you are wasteful of your powder, and the kick of the rifle disconcerts your aim!