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Noun1.James Hargreaves - English inventor of the spinning jenny (1720-1778)
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James Hargreaves Plumbing Depot has invested PS250,000 in a new trade counter and bathroom showroom close to the city centre, and which is the firm's 63rd outlet and the most northerly point in the company's growing portfolio.
Retired Lane County Circuit Judge James Hargreaves, who researched the law's history and shared information with Palmer before the petition was filed, called the statute "the only protection litigants have when judges don't get their work done."
Stan Howarth and James Hargreaves rescued two points for The Masons.
Burnley-based James Hargreaves Plumbing is opening its 40th depot in Wilson Road which is expected to create up to five jobs.
James Hargreaves Plumbing Depot has opened a new PS250,000 branch on Skippers Lane Industrial Estate with 27-year-old Chris - and Steve Richardson - at the helm.
Coroner's officer James Hargreaves confirmed Speed's body had been formally identified by his wife, and gave the Wales manager's occupation as sportsman.
James Hargreaves was the inventor of which 18th-century textiles machine?
Unmarried Frank and James Hargreaves led reclusive lives in Carleton, near Blackpool.
The middle of the 18th century witnessed a popular expansion in the market for printed fabrics, one that resulted in a remarkable series of technological innovations of which James Hargreaves' spinning jenny of 1764 and Richard Arkwright's spinning frame of 1768 are the most notable.
Invented in the 1760s by James Hargreaves, an illiterate weaver from Lancashire, and improved upon in England and America for several decades thereafter, the spinning jenny was rapidly adopted throughout England, but not in France and India.
Speaking at the Toronto store's preview, James Hargreaves, SDM's vice president of construction, noted how quickly the Murale concept came to fruition.
Although Scholes scored through James Hargreaves and George Garforth it was not enough.