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Noun1.Jim Henson - United States puppeteer who created a troupe of puppet characters (1936-1990)
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"The picture painted of rural communities in the mass media and in popular culture often is of an area in decline, with the people living there as the last holdouts," said Joshua Blank, who with James Henson conducted the poll.
Aero and Marine Tax Professionals recently assisted James Henson, owner of Henson Construction, in supporting a claim for a use tax exemption on the purchase of a Lancair jet, saving them approximately USD 150,000 in aircraft tax, the company said.
During his absence, Queensland Reds teammate James Henson filled but the performance leaves much to be desired if the Aussies are being assessed of their competence to meet the top teams.
RYA Youth SL16 sailors James Henson and Olivier Greber were put to work on the winches under the leaderA[degrees] ship of French skipper Sidney Gavignet.
James Henson saw his header stopped on the line and keeper Wayne Brown twice denied Gareth Evans before turning a fiercely-struck shot from left-back Luke O'Brien over the bar a minute from the end of normal time.
James Henson, Ross Macauley were the CA goal scorers.
James Henson, senior sales consultant at Health Matters, won an award in the "best intermediary proposition" category, and managing director Simon Hurley-Smith won praise in the "best occupational health intermediary" category.
From left, Elena Clark, Robert Millman, Michael Mccafferty, Samantha Payton and James Henson in one of the language; labs at Bishop Vesey; Picture, JOHN JAMES