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Noun1.Jimmy Hoffa - United States labor leader who was president of the Teamsters Union; he was jailed for trying to bribe a judge and later disappeared and is assumed to have been murdered (1913-1975)
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Teamsters General President James Hoffa criticized UPS Chief Executive Officer David Abney for failing to hire or train enough employees.
In 1964, Teamsters president James Hoffa and three co-defendants were found guilty by a federal court in Chattanooga, Tennessee, of jury tampering.
"These are modest, common sense changes that preserve due process and strengthen the secret ballot process," said Teamsters President James Hoffa in the union's comments.
THE news item about James Hoffa junior of the Teamster's Union visiting Birmingham and the reference to his notorious late father James Riddle Hoffa reminds one of the time when the Teamster's Union was the largest and most powerful union in the United States and probably the world.
Earlier this year, Velshi opened the dialogue about the plight of the middle class with a special one-hour program: "AMERICA'S MIDDLE CLASS -- REBUILDING THE DREAM," with guests such as Suze Orman, Robert Reich, Robert Shiller and James Hoffa Jr.
"Vietnam should not be rewarded for its bad behavior," said James Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, saying human rights "should be a requirement, not an afterthought" in free trade agreements.
"We did not uncover any evidence relevant to the investigation on James Hoffa," Robert Foley, head of the FBI in Detroit, told the (http://bigstory.ap.org/article/fbi-hunt-jimmy-hoffa-remains-entering-3rd-day) Associated Press .
<![CDATA[ While Obama may have been unaware of the remarks that James Hoffa was going to say, the remarks made sense in terms of campaign strategy.http://a7.org/pictures/287/287589.jpg' style="float:right;" />]]>
In response to the latest pilot program announcement, Teamster President James Hoffa changed the focus of his objections.
In a letter to Obama, Teamsters president James Hoffa described the tariffs as excessive and suggested that the US government take appropriate actions.
The Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 406, which represents about 1100 workers at the paper, mostly in the newsroom, has had a contentious relationship with Newsday's management, heeding January's call of the International's president, James Hoffa, to reject the then-latest offer, which included 10-percent to 15-percent wage cuts.
Mike Bonds, Continental's senior vice president of labor relations, said, "We respect the choice our co-workers have made." Teamsters President James Hoffa called it a "big victory" -- one that "proves there are people to organize out there." Feb 15, 2010