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Noun1.James Hutton - Scottish geologist who described the processes that have shaped the surface of the earth (1726-1797)
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To deliver it, the Macaulay Development Trust and the James Hutton Institute are delighted to welcome Dieter Helm CBE, A-professor of Economics at the University of Oxford and Fellow of New College, Oxford.
A study by the James Hutton Institute ( JHI) claims this may wipe thousands of tons from barley yields every year.
James Hutton is generally regarded as the founder of which scientific discipline?
Members of the Donside community, researchers from James Hutton Institute and artist Hannah Imlach will host the event which will see participants travelling along the River Don from the community hydro scheme to the sea.
"We work with the breeding programme at James Hutton and know the great work being done there.
Legume experts at the James Hutton Institute said it would be a "find of real horticultural value" if proven genuine.
Zerba and Gorman have supplied all of this: the text, along with an extensive new Introduction, is a careful revision of James Hutton's translation (Hutton, on which, more below).
Aberdeen's James Hutton Institute studied data on Martian minerals beamed to Earth by Nasa's robot rover, Curiosity.
It is only the second donation to come from the UK - this first being potato samples that the James Hutton Institute deposited in 2017.
Miller anchors the action in precise, convincing detail: soldiers live by Le Marchant's Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry; intellectuals debate the geologist James Hutton and the music of Joseph Haydn.
FOLLOWING a report from the James Hutton Institute that found that stress levels are lower in those living in areas with high levels of open space, Taylor Wimpey North East is encouraging buyers to consider its rural housing developments.