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Noun1.James Mason - English film actor (1909-1984)James Mason - English film actor (1909-1984)  
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Prof Ward finished his presentation with a screening of "Home James - James Mason turns again to Huddersfield", a 1972 TV documentary which portrayed the town through the lens of the 1950s.
Tonight will it be thumbs up or down for Murder By Decree with Christopher Plummer as Sherlock Holmes and James Mason as Dr Watson?
A 15-YEAR legal dispute over the ashes of film star James Mason has finally been resolved.
Kirk Douglas, James Mason (as the mad genius, Captain Nemo), Paul Lukas and Peter Lorre star in this exciting underwater adventure fantasy which includes lots of submarine action, futuristic visions of atomic energy and a spectacular encounter with a giant squid.
Holmfirth never became Hollywood - the weather was against it, for a start - but the area has gone on to produce great acting talent, none bigger than James Mason.
FILM star James Mason can finally be laid to rest after a 15-year legal dispute over his ashes.
Highlights of the week include an evening with celebrated film critic Barry Norman, an evening with The Damned United author David Peace and a day celebrating the life of Huddersfield born Hollywood star James Mason.
HOLLYWOOD legend James Mason can finally be laid to rest after a 15- year dispute over his ashes.
The original version with James Mason and Sue Lyons probably never stood a chance and it was about as explicit as an episode of Glenroe.
Toshiba is committed to offering leading-edge PC systems that are tremendously easy and useful for both business and consumer users," said James Mason, director of architecture at Toshiba computer systems group.
Autobiography Of A Princess (PG, 59mins) is a sweet little movie with James Mason discussing the memories of an Indian princess (Madhur Jaffrey) living in London.
In the field of teams in the upper half are Moortown amateurs Stephen East and Nigel Sweet, both winners of the Yorkshire Amateur, James Maw (Hallowes) and Aaron Hodkin (Wheatley) and Rotherham-attached professionals NeilWalker and James Mason who won the title in 2007.