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Noun1.James Michener - United States writer of historical novels (1907-1997)
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The tall, sandy-haired Bernstein was president of Random House from 1966 to 1990, when authors included Toni Morrison, James Michener and E.L.
In the best-selling 'Iberia: Spanish Travels and Reflections,' American author James Michener calls Zobel a 'talented Filipino ...
Deni Ellis BA[c]chard's White lands its journalist lead smack in the middle of these two seemingly unrelated stories for a tale that feels like James Michener and Gabriel GarcA-a MA rquez joined forces to craft a meditation on race.
James Michener, General Counsel and Secretary of Assured Guaranty Ltd.
Assured Guaranty Ltd (NYSE:AGO) (together with its subsidiaries, the company) revealed on Friday that its general counsel and secretary James Michener will take over as senior advisor to chief executive officer (CEO) Dominic Frederico, as of 1 January 2018.
Pulitzer Prize-winning writer James Michener said, "Edward Stanton recounts his adventures with stylish conviction." Stanton has also published fiction, poems, translations and essays in magazines, journals and newspapers in countries throughout the world.
What do groundbreaking anthropologist Margaret Mead, Pulitzer Prize-winning author James Michener, and lyricist/playwright and producer Oscar Hammerstein all have in common?
The authors describe James Michener's novella "The Bridges at Toko-ri" and its subsequent Hollywood adaptation.
"After World War II, there were many people from the United States and Europe who began to collect Japanese artwork and some, such as the author James Michener, who began to write about it and promote it in this country," Kitagawa said.
Hawaii by James Michener. It profoundly affected me.
SOUTH PACIFIC: THE COMPLETE BOOK AND LYRICS OF THE BROADWAY MUSICAL adds to Applause's Libretto Library series and provides a fine book gathering the complete libretto by Hammerstein and Joshua Logan based on James Michener's winning novel Tales of the South Pacific, a gathering of love stories during wartime.
Author James Michener recounts the mysterious present from a neighbor that changed the course of his life; award-winning playwright Neil Simon witnesses his mother experience a moment of pure happiness; Pulitzer Prize winner Alex Haley shares why he broke down in tears when he first visited the offices of a famous newspaper; President Dwight D.