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Noun1.James Murray - Scottish philologist and the lexicographer who shaped the Oxford English Dictionary (1837-1915)James Murray - Scottish philologist and the lexicographer who shaped the Oxford English Dictionary (1837-1915)
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In 1893 I was married to Miss Margaret James Murray, a native of Mississippi, and a graduate of Fisk University, in Nashville, Tenn., who had come to Tuskegee as a teacher several years before, and at the time we were married was filling the position of Lady Principal.
James Murray's only goal was enough for Swop The Lot under-10s to beat Custy Lee Jones, while New Broadway (Diggle, own goal) saw off Stanfield 2-0 and Fitzpatrick hit three in Orrys' (Williams, Quigg) 5-1 win over Carrisbrooke.
Swarthy evolutionary scientist Professor Nick Cutter and his hunky research assistant Stephen (James Murray) refuse to believe in alleged sightings of scary monsters until conspiracy theorist student Connor spits: "Your wife wouldn't have ignored it."
Mr White was already in his 30s by the time he trained for a job in the legal profession, and he now works at James Murray Solicitors inBootle.
James Murray, show manager for Ethnic Food 99, said: ''This has changed the food and drink industry's perception of the ethnic sector by proving there was much more to it than chicken tikka masala and Peking duck.
DREW Docherty avoided tragedy last night in his first fight since that fateful night three months ago when James Murray died.
James Murray, 42, said he let the fostered youngster, who had been hanging around outside his flat, move in after her 16th birthday to give her a "safe haven" from her troubled home life.
Back row from left: Anthony Quick; Jamie Claffey; Francis Lee; Adam Whiteley; Thomas Murray; Ronan Gilmurray; Liam Jones Assistant Manager.; Front: James Murray; Daniel Jones; Ben Roberts; Peter Wardle code@zzejx030308swapthelot.jpg
REGARDING the Comment of the Day from James Murray in Friday's Record, I agree with him to a certain extent in that both sides in 1745 had both Highlanders and Lowlanders, Catholics and Protestants.
Graham James Murray burgled, stole and deceived local companies by hiring machinery and tools, but instead of taking them back, he sold them to get cash for drugs.
James Murray, 19, died after falling nine floors from the balcony of a flat in an apartment block on King Street in Belfast.
Promoted his business, James Murray & Co Solicitors, during a council meeting.