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Noun1.James Polk - 11th President of the United StatesJames Polk - 11th President of the United States; his expansionism led to the Mexican War and the annexation of California and much of the southwest (1795-1849)
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His sample includes James Madison and the War of 1812, James Polk and the Mexican-American War, Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, William McKinley and the Spanish-American War, Woodrow Wilson and World War I, Franklin Roosevelt and World War II, Harry Truman and the Korean War, and Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam War.
The delegation from NASA, including its chief health officer Dr James Polk, has held talks with Dr Alex Sinclair and her research group at the University of Birmingham to learn more about their research into Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH), which has similar effects on the body as the brain pressure caused by space travel.
After a failed attempt to purchase what is now California, Arizona, New Mexico and other Western states, President James Polk invaded Mexico and essentially seized this territory.
If you disliked James Polk -- many did -- you dismissed or denigrated her; if you admired him, you wanted to keep her sanitised, and celebrated, for posterity.
Jim Leary James Polk and Jake Costello of the CBRE Retail Team in the company's Minneapolis office represented LNR, which was servicing the debt.
Soon he was arrested, court-martialed, convicted, and then exonerated by President James Polk after Fremont left the military.
In seeking timeless lessons in the story of President James Polk and his Mexican War, we might best begin by noting that few presidents have been dogged through history by the controversies and passions of their time as has the man who presided over that war.
Only two presidential candidates, James Polk in 1844 and Woodrow Wilson in 1916, have been elected while losing their home states.
In the end, Jackson's protege, James Polk, accomplished it with war and in the process fulfilled the Manifest Destiny sought by many of the Founders, including Nester's hero, Hamilton.
presidents from Tennessee - Andrew Jackson, James Polk and Andrew Johnson - but UO has the stuff from "It's a Wonderful Life." TD, Ducks.