James Thomas Farrell

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Noun1.James Thomas Farrell - United States writer remembered for his novels (1904-1979)
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Also an expert on James T. Farrell, Fanning in The Irish Voice in America and other places, including his "introduction" to this reissue of A World I Never Made, has described how Farrell depicted and analyzed the social progress of Chicago's Irish from shack and cold-water-flat residents to steam heat apartments dwellers and from members of the unskilled working to the lower middle class, constantly moving south to escape advancing African Americans.
Here, in this famous literary hall, with hundreds of admirers jammed into the audience, these four luminaries gathered to celebrate the centennial birthday of a man they considered a mentor, friend, and muse--the author of over fifty books, hundreds of essays, and an outspoken social critic and political gadfly, James T. Farrell.
This superb biography of James T. Farrell shows why the genre is so vital to an appreciation of literature and the literary life.