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Noun1.Jane Goodall - English zoologist noted for her studies of chimpanzees in the wild (born in 1934)
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Back in the Sixties, a young Englishwoman called Jane Goodall went 'where no man dared to go' - to study chimps in the wild in Tanzania.
Jane Goodall, Abu Dhabi, February 5, 2018: On February 2 Image Credit: Staff Report
THE window is closing to make a substantial difference to climate change and everyone must do their bit to limit its impact, conservationist Jane Goodall has warned.
World renowned primatologist Jane Goodall has for decades promoted conservation efforts -- and she's not done yet, especially as humans contribute to climate change.
This film explores the global seed movement and features insight from prominent seed advocates, such as Vandana Shiva and Jane Goodall.
Dr Jane Goodall Dr Goodall highlighted the importance of environment protection, endangered wildlife species conservation and addressing climate change.
Editor Dale Peterson has written several books on Jane Goodall.
If Tarzan and Jane Goodall met for a drink at an eco resort in Ghana, would he have the good sense to shower first, and then thank her for putting Africa, conservation issues, and humane animal research on the map for hundreds of millions of people?
In 1960, when a young English woman named Jane Goodall set out to study chimpanzees in the forests of Tanzania, she broke all the rules about the study of animals in the wild and as a result, she opened a whole new window into the lives of wild animals and shattered our accepted notions of what it meant to be human.
ESTABLISHED IN 1994, the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada works to foster the next generation of Janes, equipping youth with the knowledge, values and skills to become effective change-makers.
Days after the Duke gave his backing to a campaign against elephant poaching, leading primatologist Jane Goodall said William had told her he would "like to see all the ivory owned by Buckingham Palace destroyed".
JOHANNESBURG -- Jane Goodall, who turns 80 this year, knows how to work a crowd.